Huski Wear + Huski Chocolate

We can’t tell the story of Huski Wear without also saying something about Huski Chocolate. Swedish brand, Huski Chocolate, has quickly become the go-to hot chocolate for many a winter adventurer across the globe. You will find Huski Chocolate in Swedish and Norwegian ski resorts, in the European alps and at more or less every American skiing destination. And what does this have to do with Huski Wear?

Everything! Without Chocolate, no Wear. The Chocolate people already had some merch clothing going on, and they realized there was a great value in it. Then they met our team, and a mutual liking and understanding arose.
We came in with a fine idea that was waiting for the right conditions. And there they were, the perfect conditions!
Together we shares basic values, we liked each others’ company – and then one thing led to another. On first inspection, hot chocolate and functional, comfortable activewear may seem far apart. Of course, you could always state that we had the ski resorts in common. But what really united us was our common lust for adventure.

Huski Chocolate-Draft-2.png

That Huski Chocolate is about sports and adventure is apparent. The sponsoring of Marcus Ericsson in Indy 500, both F1 McLaren cars,  Alfa Romeo in Formula 1, and from the season 2021 one of Sweden's biggest Football Teams Hammarby IF is not a coincidence.
A love for sports, adventures, and racing is the reason for these sponsorships, and now that Huski Wear is ready for takeoff it’s only logical that alpine racing will be our initial focus.
Dress warm, functional and to the occasion and then stay warm by drinking a cup of Huski Chocolate or two.
To cut a long story short, we found each other, and loud, up-tempo music started playing. Now our adventures await.
As a loving wink to our friends at Chocolate, we at Huski Wear will use a symbol in the shape of a chocolate stain on our clothes.


The synergies are obvious. Together with Huski Chocolate we want to make a community for those who loves adventures of all kind. 


Huski Wear together with Huski Chocolate is here to stay. 


Btw, Check Out Huski Chocolate Here