An offer they couldn’t refuse - Magnus Liljeblad on making ideas come true

Updated: 17 March 2021, 14:19

Huski Wear is getting ready for the real launch, following the sneak peeks offered to ski clubs in the fall of 2020. Busy days for everyone involved, and possibly even more so for CEO, Magnus Liljeblad.



How are you holding up, Magnus?

Fine, thank you! Very busy, as you would expect, but in a positive way. Things are falling into place for us, and our early adopters are happy.

By early adopters, are you referring to the ski clubs?

Exactly! We gave them an offer they could hardly refuse, and the response has been fantastic with far more clubs on board than we expected. As we speak, their gear is being sewn up and getting ready to ship. Soon, people all around Sweden will be dressed in Huski Wear on their way to or from their destinations – or on their way down the slopes! It’s a nice feeling for all of us, that people will be using our gear soon. Not too long ago Huski Wear was only an idea.

“Adventure is an experience best shared. This is a Huski Wear motto, and it comes back in everything we do.”

Magnus Liljeblad, Huski Wear CEO

And what was that idea?

Well, anyone can come up with a nice idea, but the challenge is to make that idea come true. Our idea was to create activewear of high, functional quality, ready for tough conditions and, at the same time, comfortable to wear on your way to and from your destination, summer or winter. We’ve actually succeeded in creating a solid concept in a surprisingly short time. 

Magnus, you have over 20 years in the industry. What about the others in the team?

The fact is, Huski Wear is something of a dream team, where each player is a star in their own right but has chosen to go all in to create something outstanding together with the others. Huski Wear gathers people with so much experience from designing alpine clothing, from being professional skiers, and from manufacturing activewear, it’s almost ridiculous.

All of this in combination with a one hundred per cent digital focus, cutting out intermediaries and a strong presence in all relevant channels enables Huski Wear to offer activewear of high quality along with a high level of functionality and thought-through design at the right price – directly to the wearers. We have identified an available position on the market where this can be done all the way. Soon we’ll be launching our webshop where it will be smooth and easy for our customers to find the garments they need, personalize them, and then click the buy button.

So what makes Huski Wear stand out?

Huski Wear is not like other brands. We are set on having fun on our journey. And we love adventure – our own, which has only just begun, and others’, which we want to contribute to making even better, even bigger and even greater. Adventure is an experience best shared. This is a Huski Wear motto, and it comes back in everything we do. Our culture is inclusive in the true sense of the word.

But to put this down in more pragmatic facts, we are fast and we own the entire value chain ourselves. We have the right quality at the right price. We make all the decisions ourselves, we have the experience and we know the market and what sells. We may not be that many, but we work in tight teams with the right partners. We have, already from the start, charged Huski Wear with a far-reaching concern for the climate. And in the end, it’s the sum of all the people involved, including our customers, of course, that will make a difference, of that we are convinced.

Together we are a true dream team, which is further enhanced through our partnership with Olympic Gold Medalist, André Myhrer. With André as a partner, we set a tone that will resonate in the alpine world and beyond. André will be an important part of our sales channels and on our social media, and what he has to say and show will be highly interesting to everyone who’s a skier. André was essential to closing our partnership agreement with Ski Team Sweden Skicross, which materialized a couple of weeks ago and is the first of many.