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Updated: 16 November 2022, 12:28

We at Huski Wear like to do some things the other way around, and we're not going to stop there. Instead of doing the traditional "Black Week" we are launching "Carbon Zero Week" where we donate 20% of the gross profit to the Organization Carbon Zero Product to support their climate work by planting trees in the northern parts of Europe.

Black week Carbon Zero Week

Melting glaciers, shorter winters, warmer climates, extreme weather... Shall we mention more?

It may sound seriously exaggerated and almost unreal but it is a possible future we will leave behind if we do not all start taking responsibility, both companies and consumers of course.

Sustainability, or as we have chosen to call it "Responsibility", has since the start of Huski Wear been a fundamental building block to be able to run a sustainable business in the 2020s, a year that will continue to demand more from all of us.

If we are going to move forward in the sustainability issue, we must first realize that the companies are dependent on the consumer and vice versa, but what would it be like if we together could find a sustainable model from which everyone wins?

In recent months, we have sketched out an initiative for this equation and the result is: Carbon Zero Week.

We are simply replacing Black Week with "Carbon Zero Week" in pure Huski Wear spirit.
20% of the gross profit will go directly to the organization "Carbon Zero product" and their work to reduce carbon dioxide emissions through self-developed sustainable processes for industries in combination with developing forestry in the northern parts of Europe.
We will also give you as a customer a 20% discount on the entire range during the date 21/11-> 27/11. (Except Outlet Products)
Great week or what?


"This year we really want to do something different to be able to contribute in these times and try to create conditions in our own sustainability work which is a large part of Huski Wear" - Rikard Arvidsson | CEO Huski Wear


A good concept & texts in all its glory, but in practice a transparent dialogue between all these authorities is required to get the maximum value.
Therefore, together with Carbon Zero Product, we will report how much this week has generated in the form of planted trees.

In summary, we know we can't do everything, but we can create the conditions and try to be one of the solutions to a more sustainable future and preserving the nature we really want to be in.

Huski Wear are CarbonZERO Product licensed, which means that we’re the first clothing brand in the world to offset 100% of our CO2 emissions. The formula is simple.

  1. Measure – CarbonZERO Product help us accurately trace and measure 100% of the product’s carbon emissions, all the way from production to transportation.

  2. Reduce – With an accurate carbon footprint we can, thanks to CarbonZERO Product, find the hotspots and implement a long term strategy to actively reduce the emissions.

  3. Offset - CarbonZERO Product guarantees that an equal amount of CO2 released from the sequestered in new forests in Sweden and Nothern Europe.

Read more about Carbon Zero Product Here



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