Huski Wear signs yet another ambassador, Anna Swenn-Larsson is on board

Updated: 9 December 2020, 11:50

As the expansive activewear brand we are, Huski Wear has signed yet another great skier to collaborate with. This time, it’s Anna Swenn-Larsson, an alpine skier and general outdoor devotee. Anna is a perfect partner to Huski Wear, and we look forward to many exciting collaborative projects.

Huski Wear was launched, or rather pre-launched, in the fall of 2020 with a collection aimed at racing and ski clubs. The result has been way past our expectations, and we can only feel reassured what we thought would work really does work. 

Creating partnerships with the right people is an important part of our initial success, and this will continue. We started with Slalom Olympic Gold Medalist André Myhrer, and now we have one of the best Skicross national teams in the world – Ski Team Sweden Skicross – and Anna Swenn-Larsson on board, too. Over to you, Magnus Liljeblad at Huski Wear.

“This combination of being a true athlete and a genuine outdoor enthusiast as well will set the tone for our partnership”

Magnus Liljeblad, Huski Wear CEO

"This clearly marks the next step forward for us! Anna is an incredible skier, and she also leads a very interesting life off-piste, not to mention she is a fantastic person! This combination of being a true athlete and a genuine outdoor enthusiast as well will set the tone for our partnership. I for one am very excited about our upcoming collaborative collection. Thanks to Anna Swenn-Larsson, we now have a seamless opportunity to create a free ski line of womenswear built around Anna’s experience and passion for skiing and life in the mountains. A line of clothing based on an active outdoor lifestyle," says Magnus Liljeblad.


So, how did Huski Wear appear on your radar, Anna Swenn-Larsson?

"Well, I knew André Myhrer had become involved with Huski Wear, and that pretty much paved the way for me. When Huski Wear approached me, we hit it off right away. It just felt right! And when we started discussing a womenswear collection, with me as a creative collaborator, well, who can say no to that? I know I couldn't. So now we will design a women's-only line of comfortable and functional destination clothing, including outdoor styles as well as more speedy alpine styles. Who knows, if it works out, we might include menswear in the future," Anna Swenn-Larsson summarizes. 

20210416 Anna Swenn Larsson Foto Erik Segerström-P1344242.jpg

"Having Anna on board is a huge deal for Huski Wear," Magnus Liljeblad continues. "We now have the world’s best national skicross team, the reigning Olympic Slalom Gold Medalist André Myhrer and one of the best female alpine skiers on our roster. Of course, this will keep us on our toes, with all it means in terms of demands on equipment and apparel. With our swift decision-making process and our close relationship with the factory, we have every opportunity to create really great clothes for on and off-piste activities all year round."

Anna Swenn-Larsson is first and foremost an alpine skier, at least to the public. According to those who knew her growing up, she could just as well have ended up in cross-country skiing – a discipline she still loves and pursues, but in a leisurely way. She’s not much of a couch potato, so leisure to Anna is mostly about spending time outdoors with her boyfriend, Mattias. At Huski Wear we are extremely happy to be partners and colleagues of Anna, and we look forward to many great years of collaboration!