Ski Team Sweden Alpine have their Huski gear – come with us behind the scenes

Updated: 8 October 2021, 07:08

We recently had the great pleasure of spending three days together with Ski Team Sweden Alpine and Skicross at the majestic Copperhill Mountain Lodge in Åre, Sweden. For the skiers, the days in Åre were spent racing back and forth between tests and photoshoots with all the partners and sponsors. For us, it was a fantastic opportunity to get to know the skiers, to talk to them about their lives as professional skiers and, of course, to personally deliver their new Huski Wear gear for the 2021/2022 season and get their immediate feedback.

Witnessing the unpacking of 2000 pieces of clothing

Our mission in Åre was to personally deliver Huski Wear gear to all the skiers and all the amazing staff behind the team. That’s a lot of bags to hand out! We’d been in close contact with the team’s Marketing Manager, former professional skier Gunnar Neuriesser for six months, talking back and forth to sort out everyone’s sizes. And even though we had to make a few changes here and there, we mostly got it right.

Virtual chaos erupted when hundreds of bags were emptied and their contents spread all over the hotel lobby. How every piece of clothing found its way back into the right bag afterwards will remain a mystery.


Simultaneous unpacking of close to 2000 pieces of clothing means a lot of packaging, hangtags and safety pins. We encouraged everyone to sort their waste and had prepared ways to take care of it. Not even a single safety pin was left on the floor afterwards and that’s quite remarkable. It goes to show how aware these guys are of the importance of sustainability.

Ski Team Sweden Alpine and Skicross really is an amazing group of people. Humble and determined individuals, all with a winning mentality. They’re all so helpful, grateful for the support they receive from partners and sponsors, and proud to be representing Sweden. You can really feel the team spirit and it’s touching to witness how the more experienced members of the team take care of the up-and-comers.


“Spending this time with Ski Team Sweden Alpine and Skicross gave me a chance to witness the enormous machinery behind this whole operation first hand,” says Huski Wear E-commerce Manager Jesper Eldebro. “The demands are so high and I tip my hat to all the skiers who dedicate their lives to the sport, and also to the staff and partners that help make this whole thing possible.”

End-of-season auction will benefit Swedish youth skiing

When Huski Wear entered into the deal with Ski Team Sweden Alpine and Skicross it was very important to us that the deal would also benefit Swedish youth skiing in some way. Thus, Huski Wear and the teams have agreed that, once the season is over, the remaining clothing items worn by the skiers will be auctioned off and the proceeds donated to benefit Swedish youth skiing.

Finding new owners for the old gear is also great for sustainability!


The world’s first 100% carbon offset alpine skiing national teams

How to implement sustainability into every detail of their operation is at the very top of the national alpine ski team’s agenda. 

Joining the CarbonZero Product initiative has made it possible for Ski Team Sweden Alpine and Ski Team Sweden Skicross to certify as the world’s first 100% carbon offset alpine skiing national teams. And as the world’s first 100% carbon offset clothing brand, Huski Wear has a hand in that. 

“Skiers are very much affected by the consequences of global warming,” says Huski Wear CEO Magnus Liljeblad,” witnessing the glaciers where they train and compete shrink from one year to the next. If we can help stop that development by fine-tuning our processes and compensating for the emissions generated by our products, then that’s a no-brainer. We want the next generation of professional skiers to be able to go to glacier training camp as well.”