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Huski Wear - For All Seasons

Did you know that Huski Wear is a year-round brand?

Huski Wear designs & develops clothes for an active lifestyle all year round with the mountains as a starting point.

We both believe & work according to a model where clothes should be functional, affordable and have a design that focuses on an active lifestyle, which should also make a small impression on the environment & nature.
You as a user should be able to feel safe in all situations, regardless of whether you are out in nature, at home or in the city.

All our clothes are 100% climate compensated through Carbon Zero, we care for the environment in general and the mountain environment in particular to preserve it for future generations.

Sun, Rain or Clouds? We Call It a Lifestyle

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ASL X Huski Wear

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Carbon Zero Product - Choose the label

Huski Wear are CarbonZERO Product licensed, which means that we’re the first clothing brand in the world to offset 100% of our CO2 emissions. The recipe is simple.

  1. Measure – CarbonZERO Product help us accurately trace and measure 100% of the product’s carbon emissions, all the way from production to transportation.

  2. Reduce – With an accurate carbon footprint we can, thanks to CarbonZERO Product, find the hotspots and implement a long term strategy to actively reduce the emissions.

  3. Offset - CarbonZERO Product guarantees that an equal amount of CO2 released from the sequestered in new forests in Sweden and Nothern Europe.


Outlet -50%

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Ski Team Sweden Alpine & Skicross

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