CarbonZERO Product: Look for the label

Updated: 23 November 2021, 12:49

At Huski Wear, we take real climate action. CarbonZERO product allows us to measure, reduce and carbon offset 100% of our product-related emissions.

Climate compensation has been key to us at Huski Wear from the get-go. We are aware that the clothing industry is responsible for a huge chunk of the world’s carbon emissions and that we have to do more than just choose the right fabrics, materials and ways of transportation to really make a difference. 

Carbon offsetting through CarbonZERO Product

When we heard of CarbonZERO Product, we felt it was the right fit for us. CarbonZERO Product allows us to climate compensate for all of the products that we produce by contributing to the preservation and planting of new forests in northern Europe.

CarbonZERO Product also makes it easier for the customer to take control of their climate action as all CarbonZERO Products are clearly labelled. 

Our products still have a carbon footprint, we are aware of that. But doing something to contribute to a better, more sustainable world must be better than doing nothing.

Would you like to know more about CarbonZERO Product and how it works? Watch the video. And remember to look for the label when you shop! How you spend your money matters.

What else do we do?

When you start a brand in 2020, a lot of the work has already been done and we have, of course, drawn inspiration from other players in the business that have done – and continue to do – great work.

"If we didn’t pay attention to material selection, where our products are produced and by whom, we wouldn’t have a leg to stand on in this day and age.”

Magnus Liljebland, Huski Wear CEO

“Using relevant materials is a given, for example. If we didn’t pay attention to material selection, where our products are produced and by whom, we wouldn’t have a leg to stand on in this day and age,” says Magnus Liljeblad, Huski Wear CEO.

But we do more.

Local sourcing and production

All of our products are made in Asia. Whether that’s good or bad can always be discussed, but we have chosen to map out our entire production process to pinpoint all of the areas where we can minimize carbon emissions even more. 

We have partnered with one factory and concentrated all of our production on the surrounding region. By doing so, we don’t have to send fabrics, trims, labels and other fittings halfway across the world to create just one product. Our “ingredients” only travel a short distance. Centring our production to a single region also means that we can ship all of our products from just one port, thus minimizing our carbon emissions even more.


Teaming up with Formula 1

The Huski Wear brand can be seen – together with CarbonZERO Product – on Formula 1 cars and we’re often asked what was going through our heads when we decided to sponsor a sport that runs on fossil fuels.

We like sports and speed. That’s the reason why we chose to sponsor Ski Team Sweden Alpine and it’s the reason why we chose to sponsor Formula 1. It brings attention to the brand.

We also believe that everyone involved in the Formula 1 circus is very much aware of their carbon footprint and know that they are being watched. We can’t know for sure, but we believe that positive, long-term changes will be made in the near future. If we – and CarbonZERO Product – can help contribute to that change, then we’re in.