Huski Wear’s pile fleece collection – insulating, moisture-wicking, lightweight, and sure to make you feel like kings and queens

Updated: 5 November 2021, 11:07

Pile fleece (also called sherpa fleece or shearling fleece) has gone in and out of style through the years. Lately, however, it seems as though it’s here to stay. And the fluffy, sheep-like material has a lot of advantages. We love it so much that we’ve created a set of matching clothes that are sure to keep you cool and comfortable whether you’re perfecting your carving turns or relaxing with your fam.

First of all, what is pile fleece?

Pile fleece is a two-sided, synthetic material. It has a smooth knit on one side and a soft, silky pile on the other side. Pile fleece gets its distinct wool-like appearance from crimping the loose fibers after brushing.

The material has a lot of really neat features. It’s

  • insulating,
  • moisture-wicking,
  • lightweight,
  • low-maintenance and
  • super-soft.

Huski Wear’s pile fleece collection

The Huski Wear pile fleece collection consists of three sure-to-be favorites: drawstring waist pants, a crewneck sweater, and a full-zip jacket. All in a sleek and functional design that’s sure to make you look and feel top dollar wherever you wear them.

The pants come in classic navy, the crewneck sweater in navy and bright azure, and the jacket in either navy or a combination of the two blue colors. So you can mix, match and layer them whichever way you want. They all work great together, both in style and function.

The 100% recycled polyester pile fleece guarantees you’ll be warm, dry and comfortable. Always.

This line is unisex. The Huski Wear size guide will help you find your perfect fit. 


Huski Wear Pile Pant

Huski Wear pile fleece pants come in classic navy blue. They’re soft and cozy with a brushed inside, ribbed drawstring waist, elastic cuff bottoms, and zipped pockets where you can keep your stuff or warm your hands. We’ve also put a Huski Wear silicone patch on the back to tie it all together.

Huski Wear Pile PantHuski Wear Pile Pant

Huski Wear Pile Crew

The Huski Wear pile fleece crewneck sweater is really soft and cozy, with a brushed inside and ribbed cuffs. It comes in two colors – classic navy or bright azure – and has a tone-in-tone Huski Wear logo embroidery on the chest, and our trademark chocolate stain embroidered on the back hem. The set-in sleeves give it a nice fitted look.

Huski Wear Pile CrewHuski Wear Pile Crew

Huski Wear Pile Jacket

Our Huski Wear pile fleece jacket has a full front zip, two zipped hand pockets, and a zipped chest pocket: to make the jacket easy to get on and off and to give you somewhere safe to keep stuff like your phone and your keys. The set-in sleeves give it a nice fitted look and micro-elastic tape on the inside of the sleeves and the hem help keep the jacket from riding up your torso and arms when you’re moving around. We’ve also put a Huski Wear silicon patch on the chest pocket. The jacket comes in two colors, classic navy or a combination of navy and bright azure.

Huski Wear Pile JacketHuski Wear Pile Jacket

The top 5 reasons why we love pile fleece

Pile fleece has a long line of advantages. Here are the top five reasons why we at Huski Wear love it so much. 

  1. Pile fleece gives excellent insulation
    Pile fleece’s ability to retain warmth and preserve heat is one of its best characteristics. A perfect fit for cold-weather activities.
  2. Pile fleece is great at wicking away moisture
    Pile fleece is a moisture-wicking material, meaning it effectively transports moisture away from your body, keeping both you and your garment dry. Pretty neat when you’re outdoors working up a sweat.
  3. Pile fleece is lightweight
    Despite its plushness, pile fleece is quite lightweight and not bulky, so you don’t have to worry about turning into the Michelin Man when you wear it underneath your outer layer.
  4. Pile fleece is low-maintenance
    Pile fleece garments are easy to launder and any stains can often be wiped off with cold water. To avoid shedding, you can put your pile fleece garment in a laundry bag before you throw it in the washer. To keep the garment in mint condition for longer, it’s also good to avoid the dryer.
  5. Pile fleece is softer than other fleece materials
    Pile fleece is almost always softer than other kinds of fleece, making it really pleasurable to wear in any situation.