What to bring on a ski trip to stay warm, dry and comfortable all day long

Updated: 7 February 2022, 10:02

Winter’s here and the slopes are calling. It’s time to go skiing. Whether you’ve done this a million times before or if you’re new to the game, packing is always a bit of a hassle. What do I bring to keep me warm, dry and comfortable? Here are some of our best tips.

The three-layer principle helps keep you warm and dry

The clothes you wear when you’re skiing should keep you warm, dry and comfortable all day long. Weather can be unpredictable, especially when you’re in the mountains, so it’s important to pick clothing for all temperatures. The best way to be prepared for anything is to pack clothes that you can easily layer according to the 3-layer-principle. 

  1. A base layer – The base layer is the layer closest to your body. These garments wick away sweat and keep body heat close to your skin. 
  2. A mid-layer – The mid-layer goes between the base layer and the outer layer. It insulates and traps warm air. Different thicknesses can be used for different temperatures. 
  3. An outer layer – The outer layer is the wind- and waterproof shell that protects against snow and wind.

Layering works best when you stick to these three layers. Adding more layers doesn’t necessarily make you warmer as you run the risk of locking in sweat and moisture instead. The best way to stay warm is to stay dry!


The base layer, your second skin

The base layer’s job is to keep you warm and dry throughout the day. You wear it closest to your body, kind of like a second skin. A good base layer wicks away sweat from your skin and dries quickly to prevent you from getting cold.

Huski Wear base layers are made of a 4-way stretch polyester/spandex blend that is both breathable and fast-drying. They have a brushed inside for extra comfort. 

The tees come with both short and long sleeves and the pants have a 3/4 leg. Why base layer pants with a 3/4 leg you might ask? Well, for two reasons mainly. Ski boots are designed to be tight. If the pants and socks overlap, you increase the risk of poor blood flow (causing numbness and cramps in your feet) and chafing (causing blisters).

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The mid-layer

Mid-layers come in a wide variety of fits and materials to suit each skier's individual needs and preferences. Fleece is the most common material as it’s great at trapping warm air and keeping you warm.

In cold weather, it’s often better to go for a thicker, warmer mid-layer. In warmer weather, you’ll probably be more comfortable with a thinner fleece. And on a still, sunny day you might not even need the mid-layer at all. Or you can chuck it in your backpack, just in case you’ll need it later. 

Huski Wear Mid Jacket

The Huski Wear Mid Jacket is a technical knit, flexible jacket in recycled polyester fleece that works well as a mid-layer jacket. Micro-elastic tape on the sleeves and hem keeps the jacket and the sleeves from riding up your torso and arms as you’re moving around. 

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Huski Wear pile fleece pants and sweaters

Pile fleece is a fluffy, sheep-like material with lots of advantages. It’s insulating, moisture-wicking, lightweight, low-maintenance, and very soft. Perfect as a mid-layer, that is. We love it so much we’ve created a whole unisex collection. 

The Huski Wear pile fleece collection is made of recycled polyester pile fleece and consists of pants, a crewneck sweater and a full-zip jacket. All the garments work well as a mid-layer and are also perfect for lounging in the cabin after a long day out in nature. 

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Huski Wear hoodies

The Huski Wear hoodies are made of a soft polyester/cotton/spandex blend with a soft brushed inside. Just like the pile fleece collection, you can wear them both as a mid-layer and when chillaxing.

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The outer layer

The outer layer is the final barrier between you and the outdoor elements. It should be wind- and/or waterproof (depending on the weather conditions) and breathable. A wind- and waterproof fabric protects you from cold winds and from the wetness of the snow. Breathability is important so that moisture from sweat doesn’t lock in. 

Huski Wear Team Shell Jacket and Pants

The Huski Wear Team Shell Jacket and Pants are made of a 3-layer waterproof fabric. The 4-way stretch makes the jacket and the pants super comfortable to wear. The jacket has a ski pass pocket, chin guard, and helmet-compatible hood. The pants have a bib with adjustable suspenders, integrated waist adjustments, and kick-patches for added durability. To name just a few awesome features.

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Huski Wear Arctic Parka

The Huski Wear Arctic Parka is a synthetic down-padded jacket perfect for colder conditions. The two-way stretch fabric is waterproof for fit and comfort. It has an elastic cord waist adjustment, fur-trimmed hood, and lots of practical pockets, to name a few features.

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Huski Wear liner range

The Huski Wear liner range gives you a lot of great options to choose from, depending on weather conditions and your personal preferences.

The Huski Wear Liner Jacket, Liner Hood Jacket and Liner Vest are all designed to keep you warm and dry in most weather conditions. They’re made in a water-resistant, two-way stretch material and come with a stow-away bag for easy packing.

The Huski Wear Modular Jacket is our most flexible jacket. It’s reversible and the modular design lets you turn your jacket into a vest – with or without a hood – in no time. It’s lightly padded and windproof. 

The Huski Wear Overshirt is a casual shirt with quilted light padding. It’s made from a water-resistant, durable 2-way-stretch material and has snap buttons, an internal pocket, and tail drop.

The Huski War Liner Carcoat is a hybrid of a shirt and a coat that gives you a sporty business look. Just like the overshirt, it’s made from a water-resistant, durable 2-way-stretch material. It has a button closure front and several practical pockets.

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Huski Wear hats

The final and oh-so-important piece in your outfit is the hat! Besides keeping your ears warm, it’s also great for covering up sweaty, messy helmet hair. 

Huski Wear offers a wide range of knitted hats and beanies to keep you warm and stylish. 

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